What is your perfect video game?

We play games, we make game, we love video games here at Vindicta and even if we are very busy working on our first project, we are also very curious to know what gamers from all over the world would like to play and what other developers would like to create if they had unlimited resources.

We have one simple question for you


If you could create the perfect video game, what would it be?

Tell us on your favourite social network or post a comment here, don’t forget to use the hashtag #MyPerfectGame when sharing your thoughts, that will make easier to find and discuss your ideas.

We will publish all the best ideas on our blog and maybe new projects and collaboration will bloom.


  1. Sid Meyer’s Civilization, but in first person shooter mode. Capturing territory and establishing an empire first-hand and in first-person would be pretty slick.

    • I’d like something like that if it had a strategic part where you plan your moves like in Civilization and then you play a FPS when it’s time to conquer a new territory.

      • It would be nice to see that concept without the traditional map interface for territory-based games. I’m not saying that it should go mapless, but instead of picking missions from a map interface and then “flying” to the mission area, it would be really nice to see a game where you would physically travel across an open-world map to the territory in question, then start a mission to neutralize enemies in the territory, thereby gaining that territory upon completion.

        Then once you have that territory, you’re tasked with developing/defending it as you see fit. Setting up oil refineries, barracks, defense grids, and so on. Failure to develop/defend your area may result in its being recaptured.

        From there you move from territory to territory, establishing an open-world empire.

        Then take it one step further and make the ultimate competitive game by introducing it as an online player vs. player game. It would be the entertainment undertaking of the decade.

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